Netsquared Meeting of the Minds, Well Some of Them

While the conference goers were having their lunch the Netsquared organizers from across North America and Ecuador met to discuss our chapters and moving forward. Not all organizers are at the conference this year but a few of us were able to put faces to emails and share stories. Netsquared stalwarts such as San Francisco, Houston and DC were there along with Seattle, the Twin Cities, Phoenix, Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.


A lot of things were discussed in the very short time that we had but Billy Bicket threw down the gauntlet for us to step up in a big way so be on the lookout for some interesting changes in the netsquared landscape in the future! All in all it was a great meeting and I am looking forward to sidebar conversations over the next two days

pictured above are Back Row; Jennifer Sly/Twin Cities, Fresh! White/San Francisco, Katie Laird/Houston, Ivan Boothe/Philadelphia, Jean Russel/Chicago, Seth Horwitz/Philadelphia, Sarah Schacht/Seattle, Lewis Hoffman/Chicago, Michael Miranda/Chicago, Lela Prashad/Phoenix, Hatef Jamini/DC, Britt Bravo/San Francisco
Front Row; Jane Zhang/Toronto, Justin Massa/Chicago, Blair Golson/Los Angeles, Eduardo Bejar/Guayaquil Ecuador, Jason McElweenie/Houston(me)

One Response to Netsquared Meeting of the Minds, Well Some of Them

  1. katie says:

    A great quickie meetup! Can’t wait to see how these folks grow the Net2 groups on a national level!

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