Using Flickr to Make Your Existing Community More Amazing, or to Create a New One

IMG_9268-1Gail Ann Williams is hosting an open discussion on how to use Flickr to connect users across your neighborhood and across the globe. One thing that Gail talks about is that if you use Flickr to help build your online community no matter how big or small you need to push the conversation forward. She is touching on the fact that people sit back and wait for comments on pictures that they have posted. There may be some comments that come in but you need to actively seek photos that pertain to you and your message, be it your non-profit or simply your own vanity. If you seek out like minded photographers the conversation you may engage in is priceless. This goes with anything in life, you may think that your idea or non-profit is amazing but most people won’t know that

This open discussion is honestly a great thing and I’m sure the people in attendance are already in the choir so understanding the power of Flickr is nothing new to them but If you are a non-profit and don’t know about it you really need to harness the power of this amazing site.

The latest incarnation of the Houston International Festival recently allowed a selection of Flickr photographers free access to the festival to help with the post momentum PR that most organizations don’t think about.

The powers of Flickr are too much to list here as we live blog the conference but check back in the future on some great how-to’s when it comes to free social media sites that are out there.

Gail works at has been the director of WELL since 1998, you can follow her on Flickr as Gail.

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