Miro, Freecycle and Maplight

IMG_9316As we await the voting tally Rick Hess is moderating a panel featuring the three winners from last years Netsquared conference. Freecycle came in third in voting last year with Miro being edged out by winners Maplight.org. This panel is a sort of how-to for the other non-profits in attendance. Each winner is discussing their past year and hurdles that they continually face. Miro itself went through some changes in the past year that has helped them grow as an organization both in philosophy and as a business.

As a user of Freecycle it has been a pleasure to meet them here and talk to them one on one about the road ahead. In a nutshell they are looking to send out cellular alerts to your phone about things you might be interested. I wish them the best of luck as their message is a strong one – why fill landfill with your unwanted things that someone may have a use for it.

Maplight of course was the big winner last year and they are back again this year to create a map mashup of campaign contributions and how legislators vote. Maplight is still just in California but hopefully they’ll be able to expand across the nation.

As I mentioned the votes are being counted so stay tuned for the results as soon as they come in

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