N2Y3 Netsquared Conference 1st day Wrap-up

Wow, what a day! Day 1 is over and I can’t wait for day 2. The day was information packed from the get-go with Vince Stehle from Surdina giving the N2 goers the welcoming speech. That was followed by the two minute elevator pitch from each of the 21 featured projects. Micheal Metz from Cisco then welcomed us all to their top-notch facilities. Next up it was a featured project Carnival who set the stage for Nicolas Kardas from Microsoft to tell us about all the great things in their Live platform.

After lunch it was the breakout sessions that featured projects vying for the coveted #1 prize. There are many projects here this year and I invite you to review them by following the link above.

When we returned back to the hotel we were met with an amazing array of food, drink and some of the biggest players out there today. I was able to dine with Beth Kanter, Erin Denny and Houston’s Katie Laird.


Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates!

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