N2Y3 Netsquared Conference Day 2 Update

The final day of the N2Y3 Netsquared conference is coming to a close with the last pitch by the projects coming up shortly. The conference began with each of the 21 featured projects presenting everyone with a two minute elevator pitch and now we will get their closing elevator pitches on why we should vote for them and award them the top prize. All of them have been very, very amazing and deserve all the attention they can get from attending this conference. I have nailed my vote down to a couple different choices and I think it may be a case of just putting a hand over my eyes and just pointing, the competition is just that good! I am kidding of course about the blindfolded vote but it is going to be a hard choice.


The conference has been a great thing for myself and Katie as well as we have been exposed to some amazing people who’s sole purpose is to help others. It has been truly inspiring.

As I mentioned in a prior post we had the chance to meet up with some other Net Tuesday organizers across the globe. Much to our surprise some of the 21 featured projects are also Net Tuesday organizers including Movesmart.org(Chicago) and Knowmore.org(Vancouver). Its great to see fellow organizers getting behind such great causes.

The elevator pitches are still going on as I type, once they are completed the extremely hard task of voting begins and if I could vote for them all I would.

Stay tuned for this years winners!

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