N2Y3 NetSquared Conference Day 2

Bagel and Coffee in hand we are ready to take on day 2 of the conference. First up its Benji Burrell – Technologist for Appalachian Voices http://www.appvoices.org talking about mountain top removal coal mining. Check out their project ilovemountains.org to learn more about mountain top coal mining. Devastating stuff, really.

IMG_9312-1I got to talking to Benji last night at dinner and he discussed their use of YouTube and other social sites. To date they have 91 videos about mountain top removal on YouTube showcasing the damage that this type of mining is doing to this beautiful part of the country.

One time Montreal pranksters Vice Magazine have also been trying to direct attention to this type of mining with their VBSdotTV YouTube account. You can see their videos of mining here and Toxic West Virginia.

Benji and his cause aren’t against coal mining per se they just want it to be more responsible. Included in his slides are large aerial shots of elementary schools that are at the bottom of valleys that coal mines dump into. The coal dust settles on their schoolyard, and we think we’ve got it bad some times.

An amazing tool on their site is the ability to see on a map your impact on spreading the word and how many people have spoken out about it. Check out their Impact Map here. You’ll need to sign up for the site but it’s a very quick process. You can see me in the map below – look for Houston

impact map

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