Houston Net2 meetup tomorrow with Linda Etuck of PhillipCares

July 7, 2008

We are looking forward to chatting with another great Houston NetSquared nonprofit speaker – Linda Etuck, founder of the PhillipCares Foundation.  Some words from LInda:

As Founder/CEO and mother of the young man this foundation was setup to honor, my ultimate goal in the whole scheme of things is to provide scholarships to those young people wanting to further their education and to build a state-of-the-art sustainable academy to not just teach your typical curriculum, but educate this generation of students about their responsibility to family, environment, community, financial,social, and academics.

To most students school is all they have to help them formulate how to proceed towards their future. Through fund raising, donations, and grants we will provide scholarships to the graduates of our academy.

Please feel free to visit our website (www.phillipcaresfoundation.org ) for more information.

Have you signed up to attend yet??!!??  We’re looking at a pretty packed house, so be sure to RSVP online!