Houston Netsquared in the Houston Chronicle!

July 7, 2008

Thanks to Houston Chronicle reporter Shannon Buggs for a great article entitled ‘Nonprofits should make use of Social Media’ this weekend.  In the article she discussed the importance of nonprofit advocates utilizing online networks to add a personal touch to their organization.

Ed Schipul, co-founder of the Houston NetSquared  group, was quoted saying that with this personal touch comes hard work:

“I can’t actually do it for you,” said Ed Schipul, founder and CEO of Schipul, a Web marketing firm that has a lot of nonprofits on its client list. “I can consult with you and help you recruit people within your organization, but I can’t actually produce social media for you. I can only be your coach.”

And then a great bit on Houston NetSquared!

Then, Schipul says, you’re ready to start attending meetings of NetSquared, an organization with chapters throughout North America that help nonprofits enter and navigate the social Web.

Self-proclaimed tech geeks attend the free meetings to advise and encourage nonprofit leaders. The next one in Houston is Tuesday from 7 p.m. 9 p.m. at the Stag’s Head in the Oak Room. Go to http://netsquared.meetup.com/3/ to reserve a spot.

It’s at those meetings where you will learn where the holes are in your social media strategy, how to start a blog with a sense of humility and the protocols for Facebook and MySpace.

Thanks to Shannon for a great article and to Monica Danna, a longtime pal of Houston NetSquared, for her thoughts on early adoption for nonprofits.  Here are some nonprofits in Houston that we think are rocking out the Social Media!

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