Holiday party with Houston NetSquared!

December 8, 2008

This December meetup (Tuesday, December 9th from 7-9pm), our distinguished speaker is….  YOU!!!

We’ll be celebrating the holidays and the end of an action-packed 2008 at Stag’s Head Pub (way back in the Oak Room – as always) and look forward to getting your feedback on our speakers and events.

So come ready to share your ideas – as we’ll be working your brain hard as we ply you with tasty beverages and amazing company.  Happy almost end of 2008!!


Recipe for Success tonight!!

November 11, 2008

recipelogoAt this month’s Houston NetSquared, we’ll be chatting with a really cool Houston group called Recipe For Success ( – an organization that puts kids in touch with the growing, cultivating and preparing of nutritious food and area chefs in touch with kids hungry to learn!

Carlos Meltzer, Recipe for Success’ rocking Media and Community Outreach Director, will be speaking on the story of his organization, telling us about their upcoming national program launch and picking YOUR brain on the following:

* Tips, strategy and tools for their Blog
* Ideas on growing their Facebook presence
* Plans for a Social Media / Cooking / Playing in the dirt days early next year!!!

Our meetup will be tonight (11/11) from 7-9pm at the Stag’s Head Pub (2128 Portsmouth St.).  Hope you can join us!  Don’t forget to join our Houston NetSquared fanpage on Facebook for even more updates!

About Recipe for Success:

The Recipe for Success (RfS) Foundation is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity and encouraging long term health by altering the way our children understand, appreciate and eat their food. Recipe for Success concentrates its efforts on mobilizing community volunteers and providing them with a well-structured opportunity for impact through collaboration and implementation of available resources, while creating a working model that can be easily replicated. The Recipe for Success staff operates Chefs in Schools, Kids Cooking, Recipe Gardens and works to integrate seed-to-plate curriculum through all elementary grade levels, and foster Team Nutrition Leaders and Wellness Committees as they establish a culture of health.

August Houston NetSquared with Project LIFT

August 11, 2008

This month’s Houston NetSquared speaker is Barbara Irving from Project LIFT – an organization that serves Houston-area homeless men, at-risk youth, women and children, alcohol and drug dependent, victims of domestic violence and the ex-incarcerated.

Project LIFT is run by Reverend Jimmie Irving, a man with over 30 years in the ministry and extensive experience working with men, women and children in Los Angeles, CA.  Join us this month to hear about how this great organization is helping to identify and collaborate with other Houston organizations to empower citizens and eliminate homelessness. RSVP today!!

We’ll see you tomorrow (Tuesday, August 12th) at 7pm!

And in other news: We are also excited to have a special drink sponsor this month: LIVE Energy Drink.  LIVE is a neat company that donates 50% of the profit from every purchase directly to charity – and tastes pretty darn good too <grin>.

And the Winner is…

May 29, 2008


From the Netsquared site;

Ushahidi was initially set up to mainly document incidents of violence, looting etc. during the post-election crisis in Kenya. Over time the website began document peace efforts and ways to help.

IMG_9343The impetus behind the website was a belief that the number of deaths being reported by the government, police, and media is grossly underreported. We also were of the view that we don’t have a true picture of what is really happened/is happening- reports that all have us have heard from family and friends in affected areas suggests that things are were worse than what we have heard in the media. Beyond trying to present are fuller picture of what happened based on citizen reported information, we also want to create an archive of events that occured after the election results were announced.

Second place went to and third place with to Social Action

I’ll recap some more later but the conference is abuzz with activity and celebration.

Miro, Freecycle and Maplight

May 28, 2008

IMG_9316As we await the voting tally Rick Hess is moderating a panel featuring the three winners from last years Netsquared conference. Freecycle came in third in voting last year with Miro being edged out by winners This panel is a sort of how-to for the other non-profits in attendance. Each winner is discussing their past year and hurdles that they continually face. Miro itself went through some changes in the past year that has helped them grow as an organization both in philosophy and as a business.

As a user of Freecycle it has been a pleasure to meet them here and talk to them one on one about the road ahead. In a nutshell they are looking to send out cellular alerts to your phone about things you might be interested. I wish them the best of luck as their message is a strong one – why fill landfill with your unwanted things that someone may have a use for it.

Maplight of course was the big winner last year and they are back again this year to create a map mashup of campaign contributions and how legislators vote. Maplight is still just in California but hopefully they’ll be able to expand across the nation.

As I mentioned the votes are being counted so stay tuned for the results as soon as they come in

N2Y3 Netsquared Conference Day 2 Update

May 28, 2008

The final day of the N2Y3 Netsquared conference is coming to a close with the last pitch by the projects coming up shortly. The conference began with each of the 21 featured projects presenting everyone with a two minute elevator pitch and now we will get their closing elevator pitches on why we should vote for them and award them the top prize. All of them have been very, very amazing and deserve all the attention they can get from attending this conference. I have nailed my vote down to a couple different choices and I think it may be a case of just putting a hand over my eyes and just pointing, the competition is just that good! I am kidding of course about the blindfolded vote but it is going to be a hard choice.


The conference has been a great thing for myself and Katie as well as we have been exposed to some amazing people who’s sole purpose is to help others. It has been truly inspiring.

As I mentioned in a prior post we had the chance to meet up with some other Net Tuesday organizers across the globe. Much to our surprise some of the 21 featured projects are also Net Tuesday organizers including and Its great to see fellow organizers getting behind such great causes.

The elevator pitches are still going on as I type, once they are completed the extremely hard task of voting begins and if I could vote for them all I would.

Stay tuned for this years winners!

N2Y3 NetSquared Conference Day 2

May 28, 2008

Bagel and Coffee in hand we are ready to take on day 2 of the conference. First up its Benji Burrell – Technologist for Appalachian Voices talking about mountain top removal coal mining. Check out their project to learn more about mountain top coal mining. Devastating stuff, really.

IMG_9312-1I got to talking to Benji last night at dinner and he discussed their use of YouTube and other social sites. To date they have 91 videos about mountain top removal on YouTube showcasing the damage that this type of mining is doing to this beautiful part of the country.

One time Montreal pranksters Vice Magazine have also been trying to direct attention to this type of mining with their VBSdotTV YouTube account. You can see their videos of mining here and Toxic West Virginia.

Benji and his cause aren’t against coal mining per se they just want it to be more responsible. Included in his slides are large aerial shots of elementary schools that are at the bottom of valleys that coal mines dump into. The coal dust settles on their schoolyard, and we think we’ve got it bad some times.

An amazing tool on their site is the ability to see on a map your impact on spreading the word and how many people have spoken out about it. Check out their Impact Map here. You’ll need to sign up for the site but it’s a very quick process. You can see me in the map below – look for Houston

impact map